Welcome to the DOTCOM Waste Project!

Illegal management and trade of waste causes significant damage to the environment, undermines the health of millions of people and distorts fair competition. Concerned by these negative consequences, policy makers and authorities are looking for cost-effective ways to detect, investigate and prosecute waste crime activities. Still, what makes waste crime a particularly challenging issue to combat is its cross-border nature: trade in illegal waste often involves numerous actors that operate in different countries along the international waste chain. Today, a lack of international collaboration hinders concerted efforts to detect, investigate and prosecute waste crimes.

The DOTCOM Waste project seeks to increase the capabilities of law enforcement agencies, customs and port authorities, environmental agencies and prosecutors to fight cross-border waste crime more cost-effectively.

To achieve this objective, the project aims to increase the stakeholders’ understanding of current waste crime trends and to identify and share good practices for detecting, investigating and prosecuting waste crime activities.

The project will translate this knowledge into training materials and tools and will promote training sessions to help key stakeholders integrate good practices into their day-to-day operations.

The project’s underlying objective is to intensify international collaboration through development and implementation of new mechanisms for information exchange, technology transfer and operational coordination.

This project has been funded by the European Commission Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs under Grant Agreement Number HOME/2014/ISFP/AG/EFCE/7205.