DOTCOM Waste Presents at INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group Meeting

INTERPOLThe 22nd Annual INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group meeting will take place in Rome from 15-17 May 2017 and DOTCOM Waste is delighted to announce that they will be presenting at the event. Nancy Isarin, Environmental Consultant at Ambiendura and Vittoria Luda Di Cortemiglia of United Nations University, will speak on behalf of DOTCOM Waste, outlining the key objectives of the project, as well as promoting relevant activities for attendees to get involved in.

The INTERPOL Pollution Crime Working Group initiates and leads a number of projects to combat the transport, trade and disposal of wastes and hazardous substances in contravention of national and international laws. The projects include electronic waste, environmental forensics, clean seas and climate change crime and corruption.

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