INTERPOL’s Pollution Crime Working Group Provides Effective Forum for DOTCOM Waste

rome-2151629_640The DOTCOM Waste project was presented to INTERPOL’s Pollution Crime Working Group (PCWG) during their 22nd meeting in Rome.

After a general introduction on the project by Vittoria Luda Di Cortemiglia of United Nations University, Nancy Isarin, Environmental Consultant at Ambiendura provided a more detailed presentation on the training toolkit – specifically the modules on the planning of inspections, risks assessments and intervention approaches.

Secondly Nancy demonstrated the mobile application ‘Watch-IT’. This new app supports law enforcement officers in the field during their inspections of waste shipments and guides them through the often complex decision-making process. The App is developed in co-operation with UN Environment and GRID-Arendal.

A number of members of the PCWG have expressed interest to be a part of the user-test group for the App. Further the United States and the African region showed interest in having the app tailored to their regions.

New LIFE SMART Waste digital brochure published
Success for DOTCOM Waste at 2017 COPS

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