Project Outputs

In addition to the management and coordination activities, the project includes the following activities:

  • Production of a risk analysis and a Compendium of Good Practices in the detection, investigation and prosecution of illegal management and trade of waste in Europe and selected countries of destination (China and West Africa).
  • Development of a training toolkit including training materials and practical operational tools, to gain a clear overview of the real needs of the different authorities targeted in the project while avoiding duplication of existing materials and trainings.
  • Information sharing and capacity building to help manage waste crime. Two multidisciplinary four-days-long training sessions will be organised, one in Europe and one in China, on specific aspects of illegal waste-related activities along the EU-West Africa and EU-China routes.

In parallel, e-learning and online seminars will be made available on the project website.

Capacity building activities will be targeted to law enforcement agencies, customs and port authorities, environmental agencies and prosecutors. Training for trainers will ensure the wider use and dissemination of the tools and materials developed.

Dissemination and promotion activities will ensure wide visibility of project’s objectives, outcomes and results, and facilitate the exchange of information and promotion of the training sessions. This will be achieved through different channels: dedicated website, social media advertising campaign, newsletters, final conference, etc.

Information and reports will be made available to the public subject to the internal processes of the Consortium and the approval of the European Commission. For more information please contact
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