Welcome to the DOTCOM Waste webinar series!

Presented by experts from around the world, these topics are chosen to provide up-to-date information and training best practices to help those involved directly in the fight against waste crime. Whether attending our face-to-face training sessions, or just looking to increase your knowledge, we recommend you sign up for our free webinars. Check back regularly to see what’s new!


Pro-active Financial Investigation in Tackling Waste Crime

Taking a proactive financial approach to identify and tackling waste crime operators is not normally within the normal remit of environmental authorities or regulators.  The use of confiscation proceedings is….read more.

Inspection Webinar2

Inspection Plans & Next Gen Compliance

Nowadays many authorities are faced with less and less resources to perform their monitoring work. For this reason, methodologies and strategies need to be developed and applied that enable law enforcement authorities…read more.


Introduction to the Legislation on Transfrontier Shipments of Waste

Transboundary movements and management of waste is regulated by a number of legislative frameworks. This webinar will provide a basic overview of the key requirements from the international treaty on this…read more.


Intelligence in Fighting Waste Crime: Use of Open and Closed Sources

In this webinar two presentations will be given about intelligence and the use of open and closed sources. The first is about the role of intelligence-led enforcement in tackling waste crime and the use of closed sources….read more.


Using Remote Sensing Technologies When Fighting Illegal Waste Crime

This webinar will describe technological developments in satellite technologies, demonstrating how they are now more relevant to environmental enforcement officials, lawyers and judges. We will discuss….read more.


Collaboration on Illegal Waste Crime: National and International Joint Investigations

The webinar will give examples of how the French Gendarmerie organises its specialised unit in order to work with other administrations agents, and to cooperate with other public and private partners….read more.