To meet the project objectives, the project partners will carry out a set of research and development, training and dissemination activities.

The partners will first conduct a number of desk reviews, interview and surveys to identify and analyse current waste crime trends and related counter-measures that law enforcement agencies and prosecutors use today. The results of the analysis will set the basis for the development and design of training materials and tools (including online content) that meet the specific needs of different stakeholders, particularly police, customs and port authorities as well as environmental agencies and prosecutors.

The project partners will survey the stakeholders’ training needs, review existing material on waste crime issues and ask experts to validate the produced training material to ensure its relevancy and usefulness for different target stakeholders.

The project partners will organise multidisciplinary training sessions and online seminars to build awareness on illegal waste trading (focusing on EU-China and EU-West Africa flows) and to promote good practices for mitigating the problem.
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